Our Vision

To create a sustainable world where communities live in harmony with nature

Everybody do ‘their bit for our planet’ so future generations can enjoy a better environment, have a safer climate and experience abundant nature with clean air, water and food

Communities come together to tackle the epidemic called Plastic pollution, become Carbon neutral and address Global warming which is impacting Climate change

Our Mission

Plastic pollution involves the accumulation of plastic products in the environment that adversely affects the wildlife, wildlife habitats and the human race. The prominence of plastic pollution is correlated to plastics being more durable and inexpensive- thereby making them the prime reasons for their universal appeal and consumption. Plastics are either non – biodegradable or degrade very slow.

Our mission is to bring cheap, sustainable, rapidly biodegradable and environment friendly alternatives to single use plastic products. When communities embrace earth friendly lifestyles and switch to eco-friendly products, our mission will be accomplished.